The Need:

As an Odoo developer/consultant, I need to start many instances. Every time I need to enable the Odoo developer mode manually. For me, it was a time wasting process for each Odoo instance. I was in hunt of a simple solution that reduces my recurring efforts.

Finally, I came up with the Odoo debug Chrome extension (aka Monkey) which is a super popular extension right now.



I was a user of Odoo debug. On Google Chrome, I noticed many time high consumption of memory. being curious I inspected my google chrome extensions memory consumption. At that time, Odoo debug took my attention. it was generating non-stop errors, and consuming useless memory o_O ( ).

I wanted something clean, lightweight and super user-friendly extension. Taking this situation as a problem, I made this easy-peasy, clean and light weight extension (with ❤) without any 3rd party library ;).


  • Light weight (< 15.0 KiB)
  • No third-party library
  • Simple Keyboard shortcuts

Get Odoo Debug for your Google Chrome.

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