Having five years of industry experience, specializing Odoo/OpenERP analysis, development, customization, migration, integration without sacrificing quality.

Here is my

Professional Timeline

  • OpenERP Trainee

    January 2012 @ Serpent Consulting Services PVT LTD

    Started my career as a fresher developer, Learned basics of OpenERP and started development with openerp v6.0.

    My very first development is on OpenERP GTK client

  • Jr. Software Developer

    July 2012 @ Serpent Consulting Services PVT LTD

    After completion of the OpenERP training, I started learning OpenERP in depth.

    Role: Fulfill the customer requirement by developing custom OpenERP module analysed by the CTO.

  • Module Leader

    July 2013 @ Serpent Consulting Services PVT LTD

    After completion of One year, I was promoted to Module Leader.

    Role: Develope/customize/migrate modules.

    Perform client communication & convert client functional requirement in technical

    Conduct session of OpenERP Basic/Advance technical training.

    Train junior OpenERP developers.

  • Team Leader

    June 2014 @ Serpent Consulting Services PVT LTD

    After completion of one more year, I was promoted to Team lead

    Role: communicate with the client and distibute the task to my two jr. team members.

  • BMA Developer

    July 2014 @ OfficeBeacon LLC

    Joined Product based company. Started development with Odoo new api.

    Role: Develop Custom Odoo Modules analysed by the team lead.

  • Technical Team Lead

    August 2014 @ OfficeBeacon LLC

    Promoted as Team lead by the software department(Not Official)

    Role: Team Management + task analysis

    Code Improvemnts

    Odoo Installation + Module Installation + Technnical Support

    Architecture Design of Odoo + Custom E-commerce + MongoDB message Queue

  • Lead Software Developer

    January 2016 @ ITIS AG

    Have Joined ITIS AG.

    Role: Develop Odoo Modules(Enterprise+Community)

    Provide technical support

  • Odoo Developer/Consultant

    March 2017

    Serving Odoo Services to the world

    Role: Requirement Gathering

    Team Management

    Development + Implementation + Support + Training

    Making my customers happy ūüôā

Summary of Odoo/OpenERP Modules I worked with

Stripe Odoo

Integration of Stripe payment to odoo to transaction money for multi currency with refund process.

Survey tool

As internship project customized the survey module to integrate with existing module like HR & Project.

Google Translate

Integration of  Google Translate API with OpenERP to translate the OpenERP term from Google Translate.

Google Blogger

Integration of Google API with OpenERP to post the project task on the Google blogger as a post.

Wordpress OpenERP

integration of  WordPress with OpenERP to make post on WordPress website through the python-wordpress-xmlrpc

Google Calendar

Integration of  Google API to post the event on the Google calendar form OpenERP.

Authorize Payment

Integration of Authorize.net payment gateway using AIM & CIM API to transact money thorough the gateway on OpenERP’s payment process.

Banking Addons

Module to import Helm bank statements in OpenERP bank statements.

Advance Payment

Enhanced Flow to manage the customer advance payment in odoo.

Odoo HA Mode

Out of Box Odoo implementation by enabling HA-mode which converts Odoo to use Redis session store instead of default file system.

Magento-OpenERP connector

Integration of Magento with OpenERP to synchronize the sale process between them. Also integrated the authorize.net with Magento.

Shipping API UPS

Integration of UPS with OpenERP to make shipment on the UPS and get the shipping label, tracking number and URL from the UPS.

Dynamic PDF attachment

Odoo module to convert ODT file template to PDF and attach to the document fetched from the Alfresco server.

Odoo Swiss Knife

Odoo 9e and 9c Module enhancing odoo for various functionality like email cc bcc, email auto follow, Sale history, undo delete, Opportunity to meeting, & payment reminder.

Odoo Professional Report

Odoo Module to generate the professional reports, configuration to change the header, body & footer.

Shipping API USPS

Integration of USPS  with OpenERP to transaction of USPS shipment through OpenERP stock picking.

Product Serial

Customized OpenERP to track the product from MRP to delivery order using unique serial number per product, customized a flow of OpenERP to add serial.