Evernote is one of the popular cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. however, Evernote is not totally free.

I have been using Google Keep for more than two years and it is best to free alternative of Evernote.

Why Google keep, beats Evernote?

  1. Simple
    Interface for the app is too simple, unlike google search engine. you can start taking notes right away, with little (if any) learning curve. Evernote’s interface is somewhat awkward, especially on mobile.
  2. Fast
    Compared to Evernote, Google keep is too fast. Google keep sync the notes between the devices in real-time.¬†Google Keep’s optical character recognition (OCR) quickly digitizes text in files, so you can search for it using keywords almost immediately.

  3. Search
    Google Keep quickly finds the files with the words you seek, but it doesn’t highlight the keyword unless you use the Web version.

Features of Note:

  1. Sync notes across all platforms.
  2. Supports audio notes, automatic transcription, checklists, images, and reminders.
  3. Fast search. You can search for text in photos, such as images of receipts, by typing the words in the photo.
  4. Supports collaboration with an email. Notes can also be sent to Google Docs.
  5. Intelligent categorization of notes by topic, color, and labels.
  6. Lacks an import option.

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